Helpful Final Fantasy XIV Gil Farming Methods

FFXIV Gil is very tight in Final Fantasy XIV. After completing the initial round of quests, there are not many ways for gil to be brought into the game’s economy on a daily basis. Given that crafting is expensive to powerlevel and repair bills really start to add up at level 50, a lot of players have been looking for good ways to make gil.

FFXIV Gil Method #1: Potash and Coke
Location: Castrum Meriadianum or The Praetorium
Required Level: 50
Gil Per Hour: 135k

Running either Castrum Meriadianum or The Praetorium for Tomestones of Philosophy is a time-honored tradition for level 50 players who are working on unlocking their Darklight set or Relic weapon. However, did you know that you can trade 125 Tomestones of Philosophy for Potash or Coke, two highly prized crafting ingredients that are used in top level recipes? You can get them from Auriana in Revenant’s Toll (the same vendor that sells Darklight gear).

Since few players want to part with their Tomestones (they want their Darklight gear), the price of these ingredients is quite expensive. At the time of this writing, market value for these two ingredients fluctuates from 60-85k gil a piece. Given that you can run Castrum Meriadianum or The Praetorium twice in an hour with a good group, it is possible to complete 5 runs (500 Tomestones of Philosophy) in 2.5 hours. This will give you enough Tomestones to buy 4 Potashes or 4 Cokes. At 85k gil each, that is 340,000 gil earned in just 2.5 hours of farming (or about 135k gil per hour)!

FFXIV Gil Method #2: Raptor Skins and Sinew
Location: Path between Camp Overlook and the Floating City of Nym (right outside the east exit of Camp Overlook in Outer La Noscea)
Required Level: 35
Gil Per Hour: 55k (at 50)

Just east of Camp Overlook, there is a relatively short strip of land that contains 10 Velociraptors. While there are only about 10 of them in the entire camp, they respawn very quickly, so even at 50 and with great gear, you never run out of enemies to farm.

The Raptors are particularly good to farm because not only do they drop valuable items with big demand, but they drop these items at an extremely high drop rate. In particular, in this location we will be farming Raptor Skins and Raptor Sinew. Raptors can drop up to 3 Raptor Skins at a time as well as a single piece of sinew.

Both of these drops are valuable. On my server, a single Raptor skin is worth about 200 gil and a Raptor Sinew is worth 350 gil. I managed to find 31 skins and 19 sinew in just 15 minutes – or about 13k gil worth of items. When you factor in the price bonuses for HQ items and the couple of lightning crystals I snagged by killing nearby elementals as I farmed, I ended up netting close to 14k gil worth of items in just 15 minutes.

FFXIV Gil Method #3: Snurble Tufts
Location: Burning Wall (East of Camp Drybone and Highbridge)
Required Level: 50
Gil Per Hour: 12k

Golden Fleece (the golden karakul that spawn in the Burning Wall) drop Snurble Tufts at a decent drop rate. While the drop rate is not great, it is not bad either, and there are more than enough Golden Fleece to go around. I was able to find 9 snurble tufts in 15 minutes, and at 350 gil a piece at the time, this worked out to 12,600 gil per hour. It ended up being no where near the amount of gil offered by running dungeons and farming raptors, so I scratched this one off the list.

FFXIV Gil Method #4: Water Crystals
Location: Urth’s Fount (Southeast of Quarrymill in Gridania)
Required Level: 50
Gil Per Hour: 8.8k

Water Elementals spawn thickly with no other enemies around deep in Urth’s Fount. My theory was that perhaps crystal drop rate would be high enough on these condensed enemies to make farming them worthwhile.

In the end, this was actually the least profitable of my tested methods. While I was able to find 26 crystals, it turns out water crystals just are not worth much. At 85 gil a piece, I was able to sell those 26 crystals for 2200 gil, which works out to 8.8k gil per hour.

While farming elementals worked in FFXI, crystals are just too easy to get via gathering in FFXIV. Unless the amount of crystals offered by mining or botany significantly drops, forget about farming elementals for now.

Top ten small tips to make ffxiv gil

1. Capitalizing off peoples laziness – Learn where all the goods are sold in the game. at one point I was selling ingots I was buying for 9 gill each at the tradecraft vendor and selling them for 30 gill each. The counter was right next to the market board… When you get into niche vendors that sell weird items you can make a lot more ffxiv gil.

2. Buying in bulk – you get stuff for cheaper normally in bulk. You could buy a stack of ingots at a price of 30 per item, and then piece them out for a hundred or more each. This especially works really well because a lot of the time all you can find is large stacks where you have to spend 10k but someone only needs one, or 10 pieces, so they will pay more so they don’t have to spend as much.

3. Buying in bulk and crafting – if a high quality lumber sells for 500 gill, and you need 3 logs that cost 50 a piece, buy up the logs and craft 33 HQ lumber and sell them. Just be careful, because if you can’t make them all high quality a regular lumber might only sell for 100 gill. So be certain.

4. Buying people out – If there’s a large price jump this might be a viable option. Say 5 people are selling a item for 500 gill, 499, gill 350 gill, 349 gill, and 348 gill… but above them the next lowest is 700 gill for this specific item, buy them out and re-list them all for 700 gill. or 701 gill. You have to be careful with this though. If you buy 10 stacks of something most likely before they all sell you will be undercut a lot. So buy stuff that sells fast!

5. Know when to undercut the market, and when to not – You need to keep the prices high. if there are 25 players selling a item for 50 gill, then sell yours for 49. But if only one or two people are selling list yours at 50, or 1 below whatever is the next lowest price. You have to be patient. Your items will sell if they are priced reasonably and in demand.

6. Buy profitable items – Check the market boards and see how quickly a specific item is selling. If it is mid day and there are already a whole page of sales the same day then you can get fast turn-around.

7. Buy and Sell a variety of items – You’re not going to get rich selling only one product because even though they may sell fast, a variety will sell faster. Try buying many different items, piecing them out, and slowly leaking them into the market. You want a steady inventory so when you are not able to play you can still log on for 5 minutes to list items on the market. You also don’t want people to see you have 20 different listings for one item, because they will become curious and start trying to do the same thing. Try and be like a market ninja!

8. Weekends are good – Buy during the early parts of the week and save some of it for the weekend. The markets get more sales then. It may also be a good idea to list a bit higher on the weekends in anticipation of all the sales. You don’t want to dump your items for cheap, but you may get lucky and there are a lot of sales for what you are selling and the prices may actually go up. Honestly it’s kind of hit or miss. If you need gill bad go for a small profit and fast sales, if you’re not hurting list high and hope players buy a ton. And if you don’t sell it oh well, prices jump back up during the week days. The weekends are also a good time to pick up that gear you may need since prices do drop with all the new listings.

9. Keep Fighting! – While leveling up your hand classes cue up for raids. You get a break from tedious crafting, and have a chance to level your battleclass, and score some good gear to sell on the markets.

10. Don’t be a hoarder – I know it’s hard to let go… You accumulate items fast and you always have something you think you will use them for. But if it’s not specific to your class, or something you use on a daily basis just market sell it. Managing inventory does take time so keeping things clean will save you lots of it. Also, don’t be afraid to vendor trash all those cheap items you’re never going to use. I held on to mole meat for 3 weeks before I decided I was never going to need it. Once it’s gone you don’t really miss it anyway.